Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Failing to Fly - Band

Failing to Fly

Proud to present you  KUPD battle of bands winner: Failing to Fly With winning they will get airtime on 98KUPD and open for Turbid North. A huge congratulations goes out to them!

Failing to Fly started out 5 years ago as an all Christian rock band "Heavenswill" and gradually realized they were unaccepted in the church realm because even though it was christian lyrics the music was still rock. About 3 months ago the decision was made to cross over and write true rock music as Failing to Fly. This has been one of the best moves they have made. So far they have played several gigs which were well received, made a lot of friends and music contacts and had a lot of fun. 

Be sure to check them out if you are in Arizona:

August 19th at Chaser's
August 20th at Famous Sam's
September 8th at The Rogue Bar

Be sure to show these guys support! They are a great band! I am proud to have them be my very first feature of my new blog! 

Few More Pictures:

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