Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ashley Storer - Model

Ashley Storer

"Opportunities come & go so when it comes knocking on YOUR door..don't hesitate..don't think..JUST GO.Embrace the chance you're given & give it ALL you've got!"
Ashley's Fun Fact: I have a bucket list..and I plan on crossing everything off before I'm 30! I'm going to start with Skydiving! :)

Beautiful model Ashley describes herself as a 23 year old free-spirit, determined spur of the moment kind of girl! She loves her family & believes family is the most important thing you can hold dear to you. She misses the nursing home called Maine Veterans Home she recently got done working at! "The residents are so adorable I love them to pieces. They really make me feel like a better person for helping them do the things they can no longer handle on their own." she says.

She is also represents Dynasty Models & Talent Inc, so she is a busy girl, but wouldn't have it any other way! She likes to stay on her feet! Ashley recently signed up to volunteer for the American Cancer Society! I haven't done any events yet-but I hope to soon! Currently she is trying to raise money to help her in her pageant & 20% of all proceeds is going to the American Cancer Society in honor of her grandmother-whom has helped so much shape her into the caring & loving person she is now. Her Grandmother today still lives with her emphazima, chronic bronchitis & COPD with a positive attitude. She has always inspired me to be a better person & even when things are bad-there is always some good in everything. You always have to keep your head up & look at the positives!

Ashley's Hobbies: Modeling, shopping, dancing, singing-although I only sing when I am in complete solitude.I also love animals & find a great interest in exotic creatures, they really make the world a great place! And who can forget traveling?! I can't wait to see the world! I think we all can use an escape away from reality every now & then!

You can find more of Ashley here on her Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashley-Storer/200487143324947

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Failing to Fly - Band

Failing to Fly

Proud to present you  KUPD battle of bands winner: Failing to Fly With winning they will get airtime on 98KUPD and open for Turbid North. A huge congratulations goes out to them!

Failing to Fly started out 5 years ago as an all Christian rock band "Heavenswill" and gradually realized they were unaccepted in the church realm because even though it was christian lyrics the music was still rock. About 3 months ago the decision was made to cross over and write true rock music as Failing to Fly. This has been one of the best moves they have made. So far they have played several gigs which were well received, made a lot of friends and music contacts and had a lot of fun. 

Be sure to check them out if you are in Arizona:

August 19th at Chaser's
August 20th at Famous Sam's
September 8th at The Rogue Bar

Be sure to show these guys support! They are a great band! I am proud to have them be my very first feature of my new blog! 

Few More Pictures:

Saturday, August 6, 2011


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